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Dentures in the Hands — Dental in Lake Heaven, NSW
At our Central Coast dental practice, we are able to fit dentures tailored to your mouth type. Our dentures are extremely natural in appearance, so you can smile with complete confidence. They are also easy to clean on an ongoing basis. In addition to having cosmetic value, dentures help to keep other oral health problems at bay. Missing teeth render your gums more prone to disease. However, having dentures in place will restore the natural function of your teeth, and thus reduce the chance of infection. Both full and partial dentures are provided at our Central Coast dental practice. We use acrylic and metal to ensure the dentures are resilient as well as comfortable and visually appealing. Our team will conduct a thorough assessment of your unique dental structure before creating the optimal solution. To find out more about our denture services, or book an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We also offer dental implants, whitening services, extractions and a host of other services.

Full Denture Solutions

Conventional full dentures are fitted once all natural teeth have been removed and the gums have sufficiently healed. This process typically takes several months to complete.

In certain cases, it can be more advantageous to opt for immediate full dentures. As the name suggests, these dentures are fitted immediately after teeth are removed – so you don’t need to worry about being without teeth for an extended period. However, because the bone that surrounds your teeth reshapes during the healing process, it’s important to reline immediate dentures several months after they have been inserted.

Typically, immediate dentures are implemented as a temporary solution. They enable wearers to have effective use of teeth before the more long-lasting full dentures can be fitted.

Partial Dentures — Dental in Lake Haven, NSW

Partial Denture Solutions

Combining acrylic with a metal framework, partial dentures attach to natural teeth. They blend seamlessly with natural teeth and are ideal for increasing confidence when eating and speaking. Additionally, partial dentures can help protect oral tissues and gums.

In certain circumstances, crowns can be placed on natural teeth to serve as anchors for the dentures. They can also serve as a removable alternative to bridges. After assessing your teeth, our staff will recommend the optimal partial solution. Your long-term dental health is our top priority.

To find out more about partial dentures, or book an appointment, get in touch with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. However, we recommend taking your dentures out at night and allowing them to soak. This will allow your jaw to relax. It’s important to ensure your dentures are cleaned regularly.

Most dentures will last from 5 to 7 years. It is advisable to check with your dentist.

It’s advised that you clean your dentures with lukewarm water with soap or an approved denture cleaner product. The cleaning should be done over a basin of water, as dropping your dentures on a hard surface may break them.